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Secure infrastructure

Somewhere down in the core of the Thames Valley sits our Tier 3+ aligned data centre – a 50,000 square foot office split more than four information corridors. Kept an eye on by our devoted group of architects and security staff day in and day out/365, you can be sure your business basic information is in safe hands.

Key features

  • 450 racks
  • Standard 48U rack, 1000mm deep
  • 4kW to 35kW per rack
  • 2N Configuration
  • Dual 32A feed to every rack

Dependable security

  • Security staff on site 24/7
  • Perimeter palisade fence
  • Access control system
  • 24/7 monitored HD CCTV
  • Multi-layer access points

The electrics

  • Dedicated HV network and 2N transformers
  • N+1 generators - 2N available
  • 2N electrical switchgear in separate fire compartments
  • 2N UPS in separate fire compartments - 2N+1 available
  • Dual 32A feed to every rack footprint - up to 35kW 2N available

The cooling

  • N+1 chillers with dual power supplies from separate switchgear - 2N available
  • N+1 separated and fully diverse pipework - 2N available
  • N+1 air handlers with dual power supplies from separate switchgear - 2N available
  • Under floor, room and ceiling void fire detection system
  • Inert fire suppressing gas system


Main electrical panel

Main electrical panel

Our fundamental electrical board is copied with an 'A' side and 'B' side so every server has two totally autonomous power nourishes for excess.

HV transformers & generators

HV transformers & generators

Over our transformers and generators a gantry conveys our busduct - this leads the power from the transformers and generators once again into the building and is more proficient than utilizing copper links.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators

Different SDMO 1.1MVA generators for crisis control are tried month to month and arranged in a N+1 set up. In the impossible occasion the mains control comes up short, the whole server farm stack is upheld.

UPS batteries

UPS batteries

Our 'A' side room of UPS batteries is copied on the 'B' side. The batteries bolster capacity to servers if there is a transient or aggravation on the mains stack or amid time taken for generators to begin.

400kVA UPS

400kVA UPS

The UPS channel on our 400kVA UPS units cleans the power through an inverter/rectifier and disengagement transformer so the power provided to the servers is steady and solid.


Fire Panel
Fire Detection
Fire Extinguishers

Fire detection

Our control framework for the server farm enables us to physically discharge the gas extinguishant to put out any fire immediately. We have an aggregate of 85 fire extinguishant bottles, every 80 liters at 300 bar weight. Fire reference points and sounders are set up to caution work force to clear if there should be an occurrence of a crisis.


Air Conditioning Cupboard
Air Conditioning Panel
Heat Rejection Equipment

Air conditioning

Louvers permit chilly air into the information floor while the cooling units extricate tourist from the servers, cool it, and recycle it into the room. Every unit cools over 250kW of warmth at pinnacle utilization in spite of the fact that we for the most part keep running at much lower stack since we have a N+2 setup. This implies two units can fall flat or leave benefit for support without affecting the execution of the cooling framework.

Heat rejection equipment

Warm water from inside the server farm goes through chilled water pipework and comes back to the server farm cool. To expel the warmth from the water we utilize a cooling chiller mix with high surface zone for additional effectiveness.

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