Build your own virtual private network

  • Redundant network to server available
  • Instant provisioning with Magic technology
  • 10Gbits redundant rack uplinks

Our network
is Magic

Our high bandwidth MPLS core network infrastructure was designed to achieve absolute resilience and retain simplicity using Magic, our speedy in-house provisioning system.

The system associates our Reading Data Center to POP locales, for example, Equinix LD5, Slough and Telehouse East, London so there is no single purpose of disappointment. The ring as of now works at 80Gbps with space for overhauls.

In a nutshell

  • Over 200 Peers
  • Peering presence at LINX & LONAP
  • Tier 1 carriers including NTT & GTT
  • 80Gbps uncongested core network
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring
  • IPv6 & gigabit ethernet ready
  • Diverse connectivity
  • Instant provisioning & auto installs
Our network

Powerful connections

Our transit is provided by Multiple Tier 1 suppliers and we have an extensive peering nearness on both LINX LANs and LONAP.

Our core network leverages the powerful Juniper MX platform to interconnect our sites while our access network combines Juniper QFX virtual chassis fabrics and Juniper EX series switch stacks to ensure high availability.

Each rack inside our QFX based access organize has numerous 10Ggps uplinks as standard which furnish versatility and high data transfer capacity with low conflict.

Virtually network your devices

Fabric makes creating your own virtual environment simple. The network architecture is flatter and as a single vendor solution it provides consistent stability.

The structure also improves IP mobility and provides per customer VLANs serving as layer 2 links between servers.

Top features

  • VLANs
  • Private networking
  • Redundant network to server
  • 10Gbits redundant rack uplinks
  • High bandwidth network

What our customers say

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LIDCOM Corporation
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mantras resources
Mantras Green Resources
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Brain Vizion
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Standard Airfilter
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"Great support from @Fileian once again. Best customer support I've ever experienced. So pleased to see it continue after the co. sale"

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