Automated server backups

  • Up to 500GB capacity
  • Fast restore & instant roll back
  • Compatible with Linux or Windows servers

Protect your data

With our R1Soft automated backups you can be certain that your information including email, databases and web content, is secure consistently. It's easy to create restore points, include encrypted connections and encryption for backups, in addition to you can modify your backup calendar to run at whatever point you need it to.

Let the wizards get to work

Spare time with our deployment and configuration wizards. Install, set up and start backing up in under five minutes – it's the most clear server backup available in market.

Deployment and configuration wizards

Back up on the go

With Portable Disk Safe® innovation, your backups go wherever you require them to - move a Disk Safe to another area, open it from another territory or even duplicate it to a USB drive.

Portable Disk Safe

Support whenever you need it

Low overhead means negligible effect to your creation servers so you can backup as frequently as at regular intervals on the off chance that you like.

Back-up as often as you need it

Get started in minutes

Enjoy the protection of speedy backups and continuous recovery points in only a couple of minutes.

Speedy backups and frequent recovery points

Fast file recovery

Restore large file frameworks or whole servers rapidly with Bare-Metal Restore. You can notwithstanding bring a file back back with granular file recovery.

Bare-Metal restore

What our customers say

Mahatmaphule Corporation
"Thank you @Fileian for being the only hosting provider I haven't wanted to leave after a couple of years. Support is second to none!"
LIDCOM Corporation
"Usual ridiculously efficient support from @Fileian, hardly time to make a cup of tea before they've tweaked PHP handling & restarted"
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Sattvam Healthcare
"Fileian is actually one of the best web hosting company and they provide high-quality services to clients. When I began my website hosting, it was excellent and high-quality customer service was given to me. They offer great web hosting as I have not experienced before. Their uptime is very good as they told me in the beginning."
mantras resources
Mantras Green Resources
"Fileian is the best hosting service providers. In the initial stage, I was completely rid of hosting services. Because most of the companies offered me an unreliable service. The uptime and speed were miserable and my website performance was completely decreased. And I was unhappy with the service provider. Later one of my friend recommended Fileian services. "

Brain Vizion
"Great customer support from @Fileian this weekend (~10 queries patiently resolved). Used their service for years. Highly recommended."

Standard Airfilter
"So very grateful to be able to rely on @Fileian for their excellent service and support while I'm abroad."

"Great support from @Fileian once again. Best customer support I've ever experienced. So pleased to see it continue after the co. sale"

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